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5/31/2022 - More Voxel Art

Found more voxel art videos!

4/11/2022 - Game Dev

I was digging through some old projects and videos and found these. I wanted to share them!

10/6/2021 - Some News

Recently got copies of Myst (Saturn), Blue Stinger / Phantasy Star Online (Dreamcast). Recently changed my username (nobody understood the reference for my old one, floggingcholly). Anyways, it takes some time to set things up, but everything OBS/Twitch related is just about changed. Feels nice and will begins streaming with some consistency again here soon!

9/15/2021 - Voxel Art

Starting to mingle around with Voxelart. Check out the videos above and on the Game Development page! Also updated my username.

4/3/2021 - LOZ logo

Made some new stuff, enjoy!

2/8/2021 - Webpage

Hi team. First off, thank you for visiting my webpage. Everything is up and running now. There's not much on any of the pages yet, just some pictures and whatnot. Will be adding stuff over time, including more sections. I hope some nostalgia kicks in by visiting here! We also have a little community on Discord where we mostly talk about gaming. Would love to have more people join.

Going to be starting some new gamedev projects to dabble with. As I make progress with it, I will keep a log of it here and on the game development page. Hope to start streaming again this weekend!

2/7/2021 - Added pictures and sections!

Got some work done tonight on the website. It took a long time, but I finally found enough 90s feeling gifs and design ideas to put together something that looks like it was plucked right off Geocities of Angelfire from back in the day. Still trying to think up some new ideas for sections that might be relevant.

2/5/2021 - Streaming some Wii

Head over to the Twitch page and hang out!! Will be having a few drinks and chasing a world record on Wii Sports Club http://www.twitch.tv/bbqchucken~

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